It seems like there is a problem with casting both Netflix and Hulu over long distances. When I’m in my living room which is 10 feet from my router I have no problem. When I’m in my bedroom that is 50 feet from my router they are not able to connect with Google/Chrome Cast. I suspect this problem is because of an update in the apps that are used to cast to a tv.

Look. You are all multi million billion dollar corporations. Fucking Donald Trump can talk with Little Kim, Xi Jinping, and Putin, to work out deals. Why the fuck can’t you companies talk and coordinate your fucking system updates? What the fuck is wrong with you? You obviously don’t give a shit about your customers.

And I have NEVER had a customer service experience as bad as when I have to call Netflix. Their people are so fucking rude EVERYTIME I call. Google, you’re people weren’t much better. Maybe show a little bit of respect for someone that is calling at 1 in the fucking morning because he can’t get the tv to work and he can’t sleep with out the tv running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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