We start off our life completely unaware of what being nude is and able to control when we are nude.

As we get older we eventually become self aware and when that awareness happens something triggers our need to control when and whom we are nude to.

A boy will likely not mind being nude around parents, brothers and sisters, older sisters and mom, friends, girl friends, wife, doctors, strangers, in media, etc. But other factors will effect each of those situations.

For example a 10 year old might be fine streaking I front of a 9 year old sister and not a 9 year old girlfriend. But that same boy at 17 wouldn’t do that to his sister but he’d do more than just streak with a 15 year old girlfriend. Or if he’s from a conservative up bringing he may make sure to not let any females see after a certain age.

As that boy ages he will meet the maximum likeliness that he’ll be nude around certain types and certain people. That maximum will only be increased for extreme conditions. That boy, now a father would never be nude around his daughter unless an emergency situation happened when he was nude and he didn’t have time to dress before reacting to the emergency situation.

But as we age and we become less attractive our likeliness will decrease as we become aware of our flaws. Until … we are no longer aware or able to control our nudity.

In extreme situations our ability to control is lost or taken from us before we are able to fully age.

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