First time I saw a potential backstory of how the Scooby-Doo gang got together was today. Maybe I’m late to the party…. But…. If it hasn’t started… I want to the Scooby-Doo Backstory contest.

Backstories will be rated and categorized. Video, audio or even text.

Charge x ($.10) per backstory to watch/listen to/or read. Y% of x goes to the creator and z% (x – y) of x goes to the host of the backstory data. The host has to pay from their cut to run the host….and each level smaller has to run off of their cut of the original x.

That means if I’m a creator and I’m good I can just hire a host because I know I’ll more views.

Each host has names, categories and tags to list the created item

Each category, tag, or rating comes with a judge supreme that hires from their cut of x smaller judges to help do the judging.

The only way to see, hear or read a backstory is to know the ID. IDs are known by the category, tag or rating.

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